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    License and save


      Hi, I have hit the license and save to library button on a number of images thinking I was just saving them to my library. Just wondering what have I actually done and will I be charged for these outside of my normal allowance? Thanks a lot, Nicky.

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          spsb84 Adobe Employee

          Hi Nicola,


          We see that you have licensed 6 images on 21st June'16.

          Yes! once you click on "License and Save to Computer" OR "Save to library" - this consumes the license from your actual allotments.

          You can get these images by clicking in your name on the top right hand side and going to "License History".


          In your case, you have consumed 6 licenses from your total number of allotments by licensing these images and the images are now saved into your library.


          You can go through the following link for reference: Using Adobe Stock


          Hope this helps.




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            nicolar33887727 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply - so are these 6 licenses just my usual downloads? e.g. if I have 10 images a month I have used up 6 of them this month?

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              spsb84 Adobe Employee
              • We see that you have Adobe Stock 10 images/month plan.
              • The image license is consumed from April month quota. You have since then got 10 more images for May and June month respectively.
              • When we license an image, it starts consuming licenses from our actual image count for that month.
              • If you wish to simply download an image and not license it: select "Save preview to Computer" option - this would not consume your license but, the image would have watermark since you haven't purchased it.


              Hope this helps