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    Extracting data from PDF


      We are a testing firm and have a client that wants to scan in their answer sheets (similar to the page you bubbled in with your #2 pencil when you took the SATs) and send them to us electronically for use in scoring.  I have Adobe Pro X and have tried doing a sample scan of a completed answer sheet.  I've tried converting to a spreadsheet and saving as an Excel file.  And I have tried selecting the area of the answer sheets, right-clicking and "export selection as" (which does not work) but wouldn't be a great solution anyway as this electronic file will have dozens of answer sheets in one file.  So far, nothing extracts the data in a useable format for me.  It creates @, (r) or (c) notations where there are completed bubbles.  Is there any way to extract just the data (the bubbled in marks) from the PDF of the answer sheet into an Excel spreadsheet where I can run it through our scoring process?  The PERFECT solution would be for it to give me columns number 1 through 100 and in each column would be A, B, C, or D (depending on the bubbled in answer).   Any chance I could get that to happen??  If it doesn't work with Adobe Pro X - do any other Adobe products have this capability?