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    can you create a block calender using indesign?


      Hey everyone,


      I am working on a personal (fun) project which I also did a few years ago, namely a block calendar with 365 pages and on each page the day and date. For example: sunday january 1.


      The first time I did this I used word but you can imagine this is a lot of work typing each day and date on 365 pages.


      I was therefore wondering ( and I couldnt find it anywhere) if there is an option in inDesign to create one page starting with sunday january 1

      and that i can then paste the text field with the 1 onto another page which will then count further for me. So on the second page it will be 2 etc. (until 30/31 and then start over) Same as for the day, so that on the second page the sunday changes into monday. Which will then know for it self, when I reach friday the next one will again be saturday. So it knows which day was on the page before and will be on the page after. Hope this explanation makes any sense Months I can do manually, that is not the biggest issue.

      If someone has an idea on how to do this, please let me know
      Or if it isn't clear I'm happy to explain it in more detail.


      Thank you!