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    Capture Looks CC - how it works?

    lukaszbanach Level 1

      As in the subject - how capturing colors from lets say forest can be mapped onto a cityscape in premiere pro? I know how to do this, but I have an impression that there is nothing more than Capture takes all captured point colors, mix them equally and covers the cityscape with such semi-transparent filter. Or perhaps this is more sophisticated way under the hood? Like distinction between skies and ground, between distances of color point sampling? I just like to know if this is worth of using at all, because if this is just mixing all the scene colors, I will do this using full gaussian blur on photo of forest and then put it above cityscape with 20-50% transparency. I hope this doesn't work this way.

      Please enlighten me, Adobe

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          Mike Berry Adobe Adobe Employee

          The creation of Looks in Capture is quite a bit more complex than you describe, and can be fun and interesting.


          Capture analyzes the input image to determine the dominant hues that are present. These are the various colors that Capture presents to you. When you choose a color with significant chroma (i.e. it is not grey, white, or black), that color is used to create a midtone shift. When applied to another image, that Look will draw all colors towards that hue by some amount. You can imagine this as movement across the hue circle toward the chosen hue.

          If you choose a neutral color, then instead of pulling colors towards that hue, the look will pull colors in towards the desaturated hue. This leads to more of a "sepia" effect, where the sepia tone is the selected neutral.

          On top of this process, there is also a second process at work, which we call the saturation boost. Prominent hues in the original image will be emphasized when the Look is placed on a target image. This happens regardless of which color you select in Capture.

          The amount of both of these processes is controlled by the intensity setting when you create the Look in Capture.


          Mike Berry

          Senior Engineering Manager

          Adobe Systems, Inc.


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            lukaszbanach Level 1

            Thanks, i will play around with that