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    Most efficient workflow: Blog posts to InDesign

    jaymcdonald Level 1

      I am bringing a large number of pages over from a blog into an InDesign doc. Because there is so much content, I want to make sure my workflow is optimal. Currently, I do this:


      Open the blog post in a browser. Select all of the post content. Copy, then paste into a plain text editor. Copy from there, and paste into InDesign. Default text is already the Body Copy style, so I select and style each exception (subheads, lists, bold/italics). Create hyperlinks one at a time with: highlight text, Hyperlinks > New Hyperlink, copy URL from blog post, paste into URL field.


      Create a folder on my hard drive. Drag each image from the post into the folder. Select all images, and drag/drop into doc. Paste each image inline as discussed here: https://forums.adobe.com/message/8795820


      Is there a cleaner route on any of this?