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    Image sequence import in AE is still slow

    Matthew Hotchkiss Level 1

      Hello, I just updated with After Effects 2015.5 as it says it can view image sequences and import up to 10x faster but still no difference on my machine. I still get the spinning wheel with every mouse movement making AE unmanageable.  When opening a folder of 3 image sequences of 300 HD frames through browser - it updates instantly and no problem, mouse movement and clicking productivity is instant.  Viewing and selecting files in the same folder through AE import freezes the machine and makes importing really slow and super frustrating, when other composting packages do this with ease.  I have found a work flow to put the sequences into their own folders to stop the computer crashing but this is still an ongoing issue with Adobe After Effects on sequences of HD + quality. It has not been resolved in the new release, a problem that started mid last year.