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    Embedding Presenter generated content in my own application: using SWFLoader to load multiple viewer.swf fails

    Kamal Wickramanayake
      In my flex 3.2 application, I tried to use an SWFLoader to get the Presenter generated content to play. For this, I tried invoking the load() method of the SWFLoader with the url of the viewer.swf of the Presenter generated content. This works, however only for one ppt content. If I have another ppt published and point to its viewer.swf (without refreshing the browser page, same SWFLoader instance is used), the second presentation does not load (Adobe logo comes, but just stays there with the circling arrow). However, if the second one mentioned is used as the first, then that works. But not another slide set.

      Can anyone help me in getting this issue corrected?