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    Sections Detection


      Hi all,


      I am a newbies with javascript under acrobat, so, sorry for my question if it is simple for you ...


      I have a file (for example in attach) with as you can see some "column", "sections" ...

      I just try to use a javascript action to identify all the section and copy them to a new document but with a linear page setup :

      not with the section 1 on the left, and the second on the right but the first one and under, the second one, and under the third one ....


      Do you have an idea ?


      Sorry for my english, I am a frenche girl ;-)


      PS : It is not possible to add a pdf file (but just a picture .....), but I can do it by mail if you want ...




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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          You cannot attach PDF files here, but you can upload your PDF file to Adobe's Document Cloud and then share the link here. See this link for instructions for how to do that: Share Documents via Adobe's Document Cloud - KHKonsulting LLC

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            George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            This is not something that JavaScript is well suited for. You only have a limited ability to access page contents through individual words that are returned in an order that you have no control over, so can be difficult to determine where one section starts and next begins. It could be easier if you know all of the documents have an identical layout though.


            Can you explain what you mean by "...and copy them to a new document..."? Do you want to generate a new document with JavaScript, extract the text to some other type of document, or something else?

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              thais781 Level 1

              Thanks for your help.

              So here is the link to the example file :

              Fichiers partagés - Acrobat.com


              To explain a litle more.

              I put in the doc some section (in red)

              It seems that when I select the text with the mouse it's done with a "section/paragraph order"

              When I save the doc as a normal text it is done with this "section order"


              What I am trying to do is to get all the texte with this ection order (i.e red part) and not document line by line

              At the end, I need to have all the text data in a variable (thru AppleScript is the best ;-)))