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    The ACC app Wants You to Close Apps You Didn't Know You Had!

    Janet L Stoppee Level 1

      Did you see that Adobe has updated most its Creative Cloud apps, today? The CC app on your Mac's menu bar should prompt you to update. And, it would seem as if the process should be a smooth one, but we did discover a minor glitch, which could confuse some of you. A few times, the installation process asked us to close some of our open apps. That would be fine if the installer asked us to close InDesign or Photoshop, but it wanted us to close apps most people have never heard of. How do you close the Mac apps, which you don't see, that run in the background? Activity Monitor.app is found in the Utilities sub-folder of your Applications folder. Launch it and you'll find the app CC wants you to close. Sometimes more than one of that app, Adobe wants you to close, is running simultaneously. All of them will be listed there. Double click on the app and a window for the app will open. Click on the Quit button. A dialog box will drop down asking if you'd like to Force Quit. Click on Force Quit, and go back to your CC app and tell it to continue.