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    Jittery text


      For whatever reason the new release is causing my text to jitter when slowing scaling. Almost as if it's waiting for it to grow by a couple pixels before it jumps up to the new size. Check out the before and after videos from a project that worked fine in the old AE and now is jittery in new AE (if you can't see it, blow videos up to full screen and flip on HD).






      Any idea why this is happening?

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          DWalla Level 1

          Looks like an anti-aliasing issue.... I'm guessing they've changed the render engine for text.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            That's really weird. How were these files rendered? Did you use AE's render queue to create an intermediate file that you used in AME or did you send the comp directly to the media encoder? What were the render settings in each step?

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              jhlacy Level 1

              I used AE's render queue and the problem was noticeable on that version. I used AME just for the purpose of sharing on the forums, but the problem is noticeable from the very first render.


              Lately I've been rendering with ProRes 422 (Proxy), which I know is not "correct," but it always gives me pretty solid quality at a fraction of the file size. Just to see if that was the issue, I also tried Animation and had the same problem. I've kept all render settings at their default "best," etc. settings.

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                That's really weird.

                Do you notice that jittering when playing backed cached previews or just in final render?

                I haven't noticed this issue on my end. Could you share a project file that demonstrates the issue?

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                  jhlacy Level 1

                  Would be happy to share.


                  I'm actually rendering out a new cut of the entire project now for the client, but once it's done I'll strip it down to just that section and share the project file. I don't recall if it plays back cached previews as badly, but I do think it's a bit more jittery than it used to be. Thanks!