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    How Can I Get Fonts (TypeKit or other) to Show In Test Movie/Browser?

    stephaniek64991887 Level 1

      I’m working in Animate 2015.2 on OS X 10.11.5.  I’m creating a simple slide show with Canvas and testing the movie with Control Test Movie/In Browser (Safari).


      Each slide has a separate title created with TypeKit Web Fonts which I have installed on my machine.  The slides and titles all look good and play back well in Animate.  However, when I Control Test Movie/In Browser (Safari) only the slides show in the browser.  The titles do not show.  How can I get the titles to also show in the browser testing?


      When I was doing earlier testing with the same movie and font in Animate on another machine, I had no problem getting the font to show in the Test Movie/In Browser.  In fact,  I just went back to the old machine and it is still showing the font in Test Movie/In Browser.  But, the new machine with the same movie and font will not show any fonts in Test Movie/In Browser.


      I've even tried using some system fonts instead of the TypeKit font and still the font will not show in Test Movie/In Browser.  Also, when I bring the movie over to Dreamweaver the font will also not show - only the slides.


      Any suggestions how to get fonts to show in Test Movie/In Browser?