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    How do I make a fillable form add on $30,000 to the total only when forms are filled in?


      So we have forms that customers have to fill out and  we make the forms fillable in Adobe to make it easier for them so that they don't miscalculate.  Some just like to print it and fill out manually.  My question is, is there a way to add a line item into a total but make it not show when printed?

      This is an example.  I want it to just print blank in the total if they want to fill in manually.  The problem is I want item "SP-800" to calculate to $30,000 (30,000 x unit price $1.00) and I don't want it to show in the total when they print a blank form.  If they fill in electronically, I want the $30,000 to add to the "Project lump sum total".


      Does this make sense?