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    Premier Clip (Android) project disappeared after update and wrong profile information fixed


      I recently installed Adobe Premiere Clip on my Android phone. I started working on a project and at some point noticed when I went to edit my profile, that it was showing me someone else's details instead of mine. The information showing up was for a completely different person from Romania, with some photo that wasn't mine. I tried editing the info but after saving nothing happened. I didn't give much attention to it assuming it was just some bug. Today, however, after the app updated to V, the project I was working on (and which had been sync'ing while I worked) has disappeared. When going to the profile page, the user details are now correctly showing my information and not the other user's. What I am concerned about here is that my project and clips have been incorrectly uploaded to his account and I want to ensure that this is remedied. Did anyone else notice this happening with the update?


      I tried contacting chat support and had a very unfruitful conversation with them, where they basically told me I had to contact Google (?!?!) for support for the Android app, since they (chat support) could only help me with desktop app issues.


      I've also sent an email to clipandroidfeedback@adobe.com but have just received an Out of Office reply for that as well.


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