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    Problems with colors in LR 2015.6


      Hi together,

      I have a big problem.

      I went to a gallery that is about 4 weeks old. I made the color editing with the previous version of LR.

      And now I click on a picture and after a few seconds, when the preview is new calculated, the colors change extremly!

      See the enclosed picture below. Left one is the new one, and the right one is the old one, as I edited it.


      Can anybody help me? I didn't change anything. Is there maybe a problem with the new LR version? Maybe in the camera calibrating module.

      I used the "camera standard". I work with the new 1Dx MKII and I just have the problems with pictures I made with this camera.


      Is it possible to change back to the previous version of LR to see if there it is ok?


      Thanks from Germany!