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    ColdFusion WSDL Integration Problem

      I am trying to use a thrid-party WSDL system from a CFMX 7.01 installation on Windows 2003. A request to a simple (i.e. no parameters) method returns good data:

      <cfinvoke webservice=" http://prod3.ogangi.com/contentManagerWS/services/Version?wsdl" method="getVersion" returnvariable="results">

      However, using a more complex method throws an error everytime:

      <cfinvoke webservice=" http://prod3.ogangi.com/contentManagerWS/services/Categories?wsdl" method="getCategory" returnvariable="results">
      <cfinvokeargument name="categoryid" value="294"/>
      <cfinvokeargument name="seller" value="jamaica"/>

      ERROR MSG (click the link):

      I checked the WSDL against the following validator and everything seems to be functioning correctly:
      NOTE: Using the getCategory method use "294" for categoryid and "jamaica" for seller.

      Using DreamWeaver, the WSDL service cannot be added to the Components toolbar (when using CF), but can be added when using any other document type (JSP, ASP VB, ASP #).

      What am I missing? I'm not an expert w/ WSDL, but after hours of trying other examples and tutorials I cannot figure out this problem. Any insight or help will be deeply appreciated!

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          there is a problem with the webservice in the CategoriesService.class. that is why it wont add in dreamweaver. it tries to validate the wsdl for coldfusion. i have also had mixed results with using a wsdl file that has multiple methods with the same name, i.e. the three getCategoryList methods in this wsdl file. so if you do get it working, you may want to manually edit the wsdl to use only one method and access the modified wsdl file locally on the cf server.