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    Moving images to a new drive

    Houston.Brown Level 1

      I know, this has been asked a million times and although I get it, I am having an issue with some popup that no one else has mentioned so please allow me to offer a little background so we are all on the same page. It is pretty simple. I have about 30,000 images that I COPIED to a NEW external drive, outside of Lightroom. Just a mirror image, no structure change. Now, I did add one NEW folder to the NEW external drive and imported it into lightroom. So all my images in lightroom reference the images on the OLD drive except for this one folder.


      Now, when I go into Lightroom and right click on my top folder and select "Update Folder Location...", select the NEW external hard drive, I get a message that says, "The selected folder or one of its subfolders is already in Lightroom, do you want to combine these folders?" I have canceled out of this because I am not sure what this is going to do. I can only guess that the reason why this is appearing is because of this one off folder but not sure why it wants to merge. Merge what?


      Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 4.15.15 PM.png


      So this is my question. Am I doing something wrong or what?


      Many thanks,