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    DNS down?

    ur_dtrain Level 1
      I'm hoping you're about to release Beta 3, but right now, labs.macromedia.com is non-functional.
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          Daniel T Employee Moderator
          Hi Darin,

          We have reproduced the redirect issue that you have reported. We are currently looking into this and will resolve this as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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            Daniel T Employee Moderator
            Hi Darin,

            In case you may not have noticed yet, the Labs domain issue was resolved last night. Please respond to this thread if you are still encountering redirect problems after clearing your local cache.

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              cf_dutch Level 1
              Labs is coming up OK, but the download links aren't working. Just that you know.
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                Daniel T Employee Moderator
                Hi cf_dutch,

                I am not able to reproduce this error. Can you please try the following:

                * Clear your browser's your cache
                * Logout of Labs (Adobe.com)
                * Restart your browser
                * Return to http://www.macromedia.com/go/labs_flex2_downloads and download the beta 3 bits

                If this does not work, please let me know.
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                  cf_dutch Level 1
                  Hi Daniel,

                  I tried everything you said, but still no luck.
                  All the downloads of beta 3 don't come up and have a 404 error (browsers 404 error)
                  For instance flex builder download link redirects me to:

                  I tried with IE, Firefox and even Opera, and still no luck. Could this be some nameserver propagation issue? Because someone else from The Netherlands is having the same issue.
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                    cf_dutch Level 1
                    Hi Daniel,

                    I'm still having the same issue. Is there any other way I can get the downloads? Because I really want to start doing stuff with the new beta.

                    Please let me know if there is anything changed from your side.
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                      cf_dutch Level 1
                      I don't know if anything was changed, but just after the last post I tried again and it worked.... Really weird, but I'm happy I go on with the latest beta now!
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                        KenichiM Level 1
                        Still does not work for me. Tried both Firefox and IE. Cleared cache.
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                          cf_dutch Level 1
                          Try to download the ajax framework (Spry). cancel that and try to download the flex builder downloads, that worked for me strange enough...
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                            wmc3 Level 1
                            I am also unable to get the downloads. I have tried the suggested solutions listed above, including trying to download Spry first. Both IE and Firefox report not being able to find the server.
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                              Stephen.Walker Level 1
                              I have been trying to download for 3 days and I am having the same issue. Apparently, this is an Windoes XP SP 2 problem and I have uninstalled XP2 hotfixes/patches back to April 11 and no success.

                              Adobe, we really need your help to figure out what is going on.
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                                Daniel T Employee Moderator
                                Hi All,

                                We have confirmed that this issue reproduces; however, since it does not reproduce for the local IS engineers that are tasked with fixing this, it is taking a little extra time to resolve. This download issue is an unforeseen aftershock-like effect of the massive website merger that happened with Adobe.com last week. Please be advised that we are working hard on providing a solution and we will provide a workaround for users if a solution is not possible in the near future. Please subscribe to the Labs RSS feed to receive notification of when this issue is resolved or a work around is available.

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                                  Louis St-Amour Level 1
                                  Sigh. I'd love a workaround. Just in case it was something local to my ISP, I tried getting the download from my web server in LA, neither worked. According to dnsstuff.com, the DNS resolves ... trials.adobe.com->trials.wip3.adobe.com->trials.adobe.com.edgesuite.net->a1326.g.akamai.n et

                                  So I assume something's not mirroring or redirecting out to akamai properly. I just want the Flex Beta 3 stuff, having never used Flex before, and curious. I heard something on the CNET News.com podcast about Adobe doing one-click deploy with offline capabilities, and was wondering, is that Flex or something else?
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                                    Louis St-Amour Level 1
                                    What's the point in having a contest if you can't download the tool?
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                                      Louis St-Amour Level 1
                                      Oh well. A fix that surprisingly WFM (Works For Me):

                                      Add " trials.adobe.com" to C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and restart the "DNS Client" service. Then the download links work. I wonder if Windows XP can't handle all the CNAME redirects. Maybe it times out before it finishes.
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                                        Daniel T Employee Moderator
                                        Hi Louis,

                                        That is some very excellent sleuthing. Thank you! We have removed one of the domains from the redirects that you discovered and as a result the path is now trials.adobe.com > trials.wip3.adobe.com > a1326.g.akamai.net. This simplifies the process significantly.

                                        Can the folks that are still encountering this error please try to download from Labs and let me know how it works? If you are still seeing errors, then we have more work to do. Please let me know either way!
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                                          Louis St-Amour Level 1
                                          I removed the entry from the hosts file, restarted "DNS Client" and then went back to download it, and I'm afraid it still doesn't resolve in the browser.

                                          I've a D-Link router and a DSL modem. Not sure if the router just passes the query on to my DSL connection or tries to resolve it itself.

                                          From the command line of a computer where I get a DNS error for the download, it says:

                                          C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>dig @ trials.adobe.com A

                                          ; <<>> DiG 9.2.0 <<>> @ trials.adobe.com A
                                          ;; global options: printcmd
                                          ;; Got answer:
                                          ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 41
                                          ;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 4, AUTHORITY: 9, ADDITIONAL: 9

                                          ;; QUESTION SECTION:
                                          ;trials.adobe.com. IN A

                                          ;; ANSWER SECTION:
                                          trials.adobe.com. 86400 IN CNAME trials.wip3.adobe.com.
                                          trials.wip3.adobe.com. 300 IN CNAME a1326.g.akamai.net.
                                          a1326.g.akamai.net. 20 IN A
                                          a1326.g.akamai.net. 20 IN A

                                          ;; AUTHORITY SECTION:
                                          g.akamai.net. 153 IN NS n4g.akamai.net.
                                          g.akamai.net. 153 IN NS n5g.akamai.net.
                                          g.akamai.net. 153 IN NS n6g.akamai.net.
                                          g.akamai.net. 153 IN NS n7g.akamai.net.
                                          g.akamai.net. 153 IN NS n8g.akamai.net.
                                          g.akamai.net. 153 IN NS n0g.akamai.net.
                                          g.akamai.net. 153 IN NS n1g.akamai.net.
                                          g.akamai.net. 153 IN NS n2g.akamai.net.
                                          g.akamai.net. 153 IN NS n3g.akamai.net.

                                          ;; ADDITIONAL SECTION:
                                          n0g.akamai.net. 1393 IN A
                                          n1g.akamai.net. 1446 IN A
                                          n2g.akamai.net. 1351 IN A
                                          n3g.akamai.net. 1393 IN A
                                          n4g.akamai.net. 1446 IN A
                                          n5g.akamai.net. 1351 IN A
                                          n6g.akamai.net. 1393 IN A
                                          n7g.akamai.net. 875 IN A
                                          n8g.akamai.net. 1393 IN A

                                          ;; Query time: 281 msec
                                          ;; SERVER:
                                          ;; WHEN: Tue May 16 20:26:38 2006
                                          ;; MSG SIZE rcvd: 430

                                          After performing that command, the download still won't work. My browser reports:

                                          Server not found

                                          Flock can't find the server at trials.adobe.com.

                                          * Check the address for typing errors such as
                                          ww.example.com instead of

                                          * If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

                                          * If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
                                          that Flock is permitted to access the Web.

                                          [ Try Again ]

                                          According to Microsoft documentation, the DNS client waits 1 second, then retries and waits 2 seconds, then 4, then 8 ...

                                          http://www.microsoft.com/.../documentation/Windows/2000/server/reskit/en-us/regentry/96406 .asp

                                          So I'm not sure where the problem is. Maybe Akamai knows of this, if others have similar problems with their DNS magic?
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                                            Daniel T Employee Moderator
                                            Thank you for checking this out Louis! I will pass your info along to the appropriate technician. It looks like we still have work to do.
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                                              Daniel T Employee Moderator
                                              Hi Everyone,

                                              We have posted a workaround for users that are interested in downloading the Flex beta 3 bits but have been unable to do so due to the redirection bug that is mentioned throughout most of this thread. Before you go to this URL, please try to download the beta 3 components from the official download site ( http://www.adobe.com/go/labs_flex2_downloads). This new, workaround URL is temporary and should only be used by those that are unable to download Flex 2 beta 3 using the official download mechanism. Once the server issue is resolved, we will be removing this page from the Labs site.

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                                                Daniel T Employee Moderator
                                                Can anyone still reproduce the download error on Windows XP while using the standard download application?

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                                                  Louis St-Amour Level 1

                                                  Originally posted by: Daniel T
                                                  Can anyone still reproduce the download error on Windows XP while using the standard download application?


                                                  Yay. It works fine for me in Firefox 1.5 on Windows XP SP2. :)