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    RoboHelp 2015: Can't close project

    mdawn0817 Level 1

      I have a project that I've been working on since last Friday, June 17, 2016. Just yesterday afternoon, I couldn't close the file at the end of day. I finally had to use Task Manager to End Task for the RoboHelp project. This morning when I opened my project my work seemed to be gone, but was there and I had to import the "ghost" files back into the project. Some work was missing, however. I did receive an error message when I opened the file about the .cpd file being deleted or damaged and that I would have to import the tasks that appeared to be misisng.


      Today, the project won't close again. I've searched the Forum for a solution and haven't found an answer. Can someone help?




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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When it seems to hang, try pressing and holding your Windows key and tapping the left arrow key a couple of times.


          What I'm wondering about is if you are maybe encountering a dialog that is off the visible area of the screen. That key sequence may cause a hidden dialog to move to the visible screen area. Then you could respond to it. Another possibility is to simply press the Enter key or the Spacebar. Either of those actions should "respond" to a hidden button or whatever if this is the case.


          Cheers... Rick

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            mdawn0817 Level 1

            Hi, Captiv8r,


            Thanks for your response. I tried your suggestions which did not work, unfortunately. Just on a whim, I changed some folder names because the first "word" was actually numbers. When I went to change a folder, it hung RoboHelp.


            I had to exit using Task Manager again. Fortunately, I don't lose any work, just have to move the "ghost" files to the proper folders.


            I'm wondering if I should create a new project and then import the files from the problem child project. I may try that tomorrow morning.


            Thanks again for your suggestions.


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              Amebr Level 4

              In addition to Rick's suggestion to use the Windows key + Arrow key, try the following, which will work for a few other dialog boxes that for some reason don't respond to those keys:


              Press Alt + Spacebar, then m.

              Press any Arrow key.

              Waggle the mouse until the dialog box appears on screen.

              Left-click to drop the screen where you want it.


              No guarantee this is the problem, but it's something else easy to try.


              (Hi Rick, we have to stop meeting like this )

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                mdawn0817 Level 1

                Hello, All,


                Thank you for your suggestions. I was still having the problem, so I called Adobe Product Support. They were very helpful. The problem was of my own making, unfortunately. I had, for some strange reason, had used special characters in several topic names. That was the problem. Once we removed the special characters and resaved everything, the problem was solved. We're thinking that it also didn't help that I had name the project with a lengthy name. We changed that as well. I did not find out the optimum name length, though.


                Thanks again for your suggestions,