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    Removing Images Flagged as Rejected

    Geobop Level 1

      I installed a plugin designed to locate duplicate files from Lightroom Plugins - Duplicate Finder for Lightroom


      After running it, I got a new collection called Duplicate Photos. (Actually, I see a lot more duplicates in other folders.) When I right-click on an image and press the delete key, I get this message:


      "You can't delete photos from a collection set."


      If I go back to the catalog, then I'm going back to square one. Now I have to look at each image and see if it's flagged "rejected." I know how to search for images by keyword. Is there a similar way to search for images that have been flagged as rejected, so I can delete them all at once? I don't just want to delete them from a collection or catalog; I want to remove every trace of them from my hard drive.



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          JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional

          After all photos have been flagged as rejected, go back to the folders list and select the top level folder in which the rejected photos are stored.  From the Library Module, select Photos>Delete Rejected Photos.

          Screenshot 2016-06-21 19.49.59.png

          From the popup dialog, Lightroom defaults to Remove.  If you want to delete the photo completely, select "Delete from Disc".

          Screenshot 2016-06-21 19.58.18.png

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            Geobop Level 1

            Thanks, I understand now.


            However, I have another question. I don't seem to have a "top level folder." Under "Folder," I just have a series of folders, most of which just contain a handful of images. Is there a way to put all my images in one big folder, so I can delete all the flagged images in one operation?

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              JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional

              I seldom move files or folders in Lightroom as it can be problematic; however, folders can be moved by drag and drop in the folders panel. 


              I store all my photos on an EHD with the top level folder named "Joe's Photos".  If you don't have a top level folder, you can create one using the computer Operating System by simply creating a new folder with a similar name for yourself.  The new folder will not show up in Lightroom.  To make it show up, place a photo into it using the computer OS; this should be a photo that has not yet been imported into Lightroom.  Then in Lightroom, Import this photo using ADD.  Now this folder will show up in the Lightroom folders list. 


              If there are only a few photos in each of your folders, you should be able to drag each folder into this new folder.  If there is a large number of images in a folder, Lightroom has been known to move some but not all, which creates confusion and troubles, which is why I do not do it.  You can search this forum for "Moving Folders" or "Moving photos", etc. to find what others have run up against.


              Personally, I suggest that you delete the rejected photos by going to each folder individually, but in the future, create a top level folder and place all your new images in that folder, with or without sub-folders.  In my case, I create only one new sub-folder for each year (i.e. "2016") which is inside "Joe's Photos".  The fewer folders you have the better off you will be.

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                johnrellis Most Valuable Participant
                I don't seem to have a "top level folder."

                In the Folders panel, right-click one of the folders and select Show Parent Folder.  Keep doing that until you've got a top-level folder that includes all the child folders.


                But for the task at hand, just select All Photographs in the Catalog panel in the top left of Library.  Then do Photos > Delete Rejected Photos.  No need to worry about folders.

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