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    How many times will I have to uninstall and reinstall Creative Cloud Desktop app?


      Every time there is an update to Creative Suite applications that I want to download and install, I open up Creative Cloud Desktop app and see this:


      Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 8.13.35 PM.png


      Then I have to go online, try all the posted solutions, and eventually manually uninstall Creative Cloud Desktop, then download it, then reinstall it, and then finally I am able to download the update to the actual applications.


      I know I am not the only user who experiences this problem, and I know that this is not a new problem, either.  I find this infuriating and appalling. Adobe has been in the software business for a long time.  Why can't they fix this once and for all?  How hard is it for Adobe to hire competent programmers who can code a functioning application?