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    How Can I Get a Canvas OAM File To Show On a Remote Server?

    stephaniek64991887 Level 1

      I've created a simple Canvas slide show in Animate CC 2015.2.  I tested it in Animate and in the Movie Test Browser option in Animate (Safari) and everything worked just fine.  Then, I followed the instructions in Export OAM files from Animate CC for use in Dreamweaver and Adobe Muse | Adobe Dreamweaver CC tutorials to import the OAM file into Dreamweaver.  Everything worked fine in Dreamweaver.


      But, when I uploaded the files to the remote server, the html file is appearing, but the OAM Canvas file is not appearing at all.


      The files configuration on the server is duplicated just as they were on the local site.  But, still nothing of the OAM is showing on the remote server site.  Does something need to be done on the remote server to get this to work properly?


      Any suggestions what might need to be done to get the Canvas OAM to show on the remote server as it does on the local site?