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    Dropdown to set other drop down name?

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      I have approx. 50 drop downs. They all have the same names of people, but different info such as SSN's, Pay Rate's, Address's, etc. What I'd like to do is when I select the name in the first drop down then all the other drop downs would populate the person's name and their info would populate the corresponding text fields. I'm trying to speed up the selection process and streamline the work flow.


      Is this possible and can someone please provide the script that would make it work? And where would the script be placed? Sounds kinda tricky to me and I don't have a clue as to how to get it to work.



      dropdown1 has the person's SSN's

      dropdown2 has the person's PayRate

      dropdown3 has the person's Address

      and so on.

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          I just thought to add this to my post. All the drop downs are able to add and/or delete names and info. Like if a person quits they get deleted from the list of names. Or if a new person is hired, they get added to the drop downs. So, the script cannot be hard coded. Does that make sense?

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            Why drop-downs? It seems to me only the first field should be a drop-down and the rest text fields.

            If you want to add new people to the list then you can update the data file or script.


            To learn how to do it see: https://acrobatusers.com/tutorials/change_another_field

            If you're interested in a tool that allows you to easily set it up see this one I've developed: Custom-made Adobe Scripts: Acrobat -- Populate Fields From Dropdown

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              I've seen the tutorial you sent to me before. It doesn't work for me. Like I mentioned the drop downs I'm using ALL allow information to be entered, alphabetized and deletes whenever I choose so any script which gets hard coded is not what I'm looking for.


              Each drop down stores different information, but has the same names of the people. Let's say Dropdown1 is like this, Tom, Bill, Harry, etc and stores SSNs of the people. Dropdown2 has the same names but stores their addresses. Dropdown3 has the same names but stores their pay rate. Dropdown4 has the same names but different info. And so on for the rest of the drop downs. Not the same info in all the drop downs. The names and info gets deleted if the person quits or gets fired. Then the new person's name and info gets entered into all the drop downs.


              I just wanted a way to select a name from the first drop down and then all the other drop downs would show that person's name but show the info stored in that drop down. But, the info isn't hard coded into the script, it changes all the time.


              The script I'm using now works fine, but it takes too long to go thru all the fields (there's approx 50) and make the name selections from the drop downs.