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    Weird GPU issue in 2015.5


      I upgraded to the latest version of Photoshop, eager to try out some of the new features, and discovered that it didn't see my GPU. So I restarted Photoshop to check, and looked in Preferences, Performance, and saw that Photoshop was correctly detecting my graphics card:


      So I opened up an image and tried the new face detect liquify, and it said I needed hardware acceleration and to check the Graphics Processor Settings under Preferences, Performance. When I did, I saw that the Use Graphics Processor was checked, but there was no detected graphics processor:


      Furthermore, when I try to go back into liquify, I get a generic error box that says "The operation could not be completed."


      I've done all the usual tricks, am running the latest video card driver, have all my system files up to date, etc. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!