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    Good job Adobe team! (with canvas export in AnimateCC 2015.2)

    little fat girl Level 1

      Well done. I had an animation that was struggling to work publish for canvas in Animate CC 2015.1. I was depressed that it didn't 'just work.' I tried a few things like SVG plugin publishing and such. But that stuff didn't work. And with Chrome deprecating SMIL, it didn't seem smart. I just wanted to be able to hit publish and have Flash handle all that hard stuff like it used to.


      Well, today that happened. I opened up my problem animation after updating Animate. I hit publish. It worked. Canvas. In Chrome.


      Thank you Adobe. I have been longing for good things to say about you and your team. These things came today.


      Please keep up this kind of work. There are many of us who are rooting for you!