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    InDesign drastic slow down




      I'm currently using InDesign CC 2015 (build  on WIN 10 (64bits)...

      I'm experiencing a drastic slow down of any editing action on my document. Every change in the document such adding a space in text, lead to a running wheel and postponed of any next actions during 25 sec. It is properly unusable!!

      I have check my computer activities details on the PC and realize it was intensively working on my network... Which I found odd, as I was working locally.

      Only solution I could find then, was to TURN OFF all internet/ Ethernet connection to the computer!!


      Can you please advise promptly for any proper solution?!


      Thanks in advance.


      PS: cannot go back to previous version of InDesign as I have too many files to be converted & conversions to CC 2014 didn't go well (file were altered)