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    Tweak required in Applescript


      Hi Can any help me to tweak below mention script

      Concept : this script will save .eps to current open .ai file location

      Problem : But i want to add an specific file name for example ( filename_EPS.eps) even i did the specific file name also, But i am getting .ai from current open file

      see this | Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 2.44.10 PM.pngwhen i save my file




      tell application "Adobe Illustrator"


        set theName to name of current document

        set theNamecount to count of theName

        set theOutdatedPathObj to the file path of current document

        set thePath to (POSIX path of theOutdatedPathObj) as string

        set pathCount to count of thePath

        set pathCount to (pathCount - theNamecount)

        set newPath to (text 1 thru pathCount of thePath)


        set fullPath to (newPath & theName)

        set EPS_Path to fullPath & "_EPS.eps"

      save current document in file EPS_Path as eps ¬

        with options ¬


      end tell