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    Extract several pages from document(s)




      I am looking for a way to do a powerful pages extraction from a PDF document.

      Here is what I am looking for :


      I have a list of keywords :





      And I have a PDF document in which these keywords are present several times.

      What I want is to extract each SET of pages which contains the keyword (for example if pages 1-4-5 contain "xxx" I would like to extract them to a single document, and if pages 2-6-12 contain "yyy" I would like to extract them to another separate document).


      If possible, I would even like to do it in several documents at the same time


      Do you know if there is an automatic way to do this ? I think it is impossible with Acrobat on its own but maybe you could know a plug-in or other software which could do it...


      Let me know if it was not a clear enough description !


      Thank you in advance,