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    Flash CC | HTML Canvas border/centering issue


      Hello everyone,

      I'm switching to the Canvas environment in Flash

      (I've been using swiffy as a temporary solution during the swf/html transition) and I am having trouble with some banners. Everything works just fine for me locally, i publish the file and I have the banner aligned top left in the browser, and there isn't any visualization issue.


      I sent the final files to the publisher, and they are having visualization issues, they sent me this screenshot.



      As you can see, there seem to be some iframe problem because the banner appears to be shifted towards right(the grey area on the left isn't supposed to be there)as if it wasn't centered. I've contacted the google support on this, here is their answer: "we inspected the creativity and we noticed that a Css instruction regarding the margin is missing, see the example below"


      Now I have two question:

      1)what is the right value I need to insert to achieve the correct visualization of the banner?

      2)Is there any way to avoid this before I publish(so I don't have to edit the code avery time for every banner)?

      Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.