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    Getting old plugins to run in Illustrator 2015.3

    btempleton1982 Level 2

      Here's how I got my plugins to run in Illustrator 2015.3 (on Mac, though I'm betting it's similar for PC):


      New plugins folder:  /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3/Plug-ins

      New extensions folder: /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3/CEP/extensions


      The installer didn't put them in the right place, but did find an old version that it helpfully stuck in there. I moved everything to those folders and restarted Illustrator. Everything worked fine after that. No changes to the manifest or recompile required. I was using 2015.2 before though, so if you're coming from an older version, your results may be different.


      Edit: Well... I spoke too soon. My extension panels are not showing up. Maybe there is something that needs to be adjusted in the Manifest?

      There was a post on one of the other forums that said something about using CEP version 7, but that there isn't any information about where to get it. That post has been deleted.

      Examining the first-party extensions in the folder, their manifests still reference CEP 6.0, but Illustrator version 20.0 rather than 19.x.

      Changing Manifest to Illustrator version [19.0, 20.9] gets a blank panel to appear.


      Edit 2: And... my menus show up but don't seem to do anything. Menu commands work fine.


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