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    Acrobat DC on Surface Book Tablet Mode


      Hi all,


      I'm using Acrobat DC on my new Surface Book and would love to easily mark PDFs with highlighting and comments while in tablet mode. This would make it feel like you're dealing with a paper document instead of a PDF. 


      Unfortunately it seems that it's not that easy. One problem is that when you turn highlighter on by clicking on it, you can't do the same to turn it off. So if you try to scroll through the PDF in the manner you would normally on a touch screen, it draws lines on the PDF instead of scrolling (so you have to use the scroll bars). I can handle this if I were able to turn off the highlighter but it doesn't let me. Does anyone know why this would be?


      Also, I can't figure out to erase a highlighted section apart from going edit -> undo, which is really fiddly in tablet mode. Any way to do this?


      Thanks for your help.