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    Various Errors between Lightroom, Flickr, and Jeffrey’s “Export to Flickr” Plugin

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      This is really only a FYI forum post, in the hopes that the error messages I received might assist Adobe or Jeffrey Friedl's plugin users; his export-to-flickr plugin has been much more reliable than Adobe's default plugin, but it still gets errors sometimes - I attribute this mostly to Flickr when it happens, but a few of the error messages I cannot decipher at all, and devs may know more.


      Last week, in one Lightroom session, in the span of about two hours, the plugin repeatedly failed to upload time and again, and the following errors were routinely displayed:





      (this one was weird, because all images were imported at the same time, but 4 of them were given read-only status; I attribute that to Lightroom.)





      (obviously Flickr dropped connection - so frustrating.)



      (this one happened a lot - totally non-descriptive error!)


      Again these are FYI only - I guess the thread is 'closed' as soon as I 'opened' it - but I hope this helps devs on either end make their softwares better talk to each other.