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    StartupShutdownService execution

    jochens5907408 Level 1

      We are reimplementing a plug-in, we had implemented nearly 10 years ago (CS2).

      At that plug-in we've used the StartupShutdownService to load and parse the provided order-XML at ist Startup()-method.

      This project was lost unfortunately.

      Due to the long startup-time of the newer versions of InDesign, we have decided to switch the global functionality of our new plug-in.

      Now the Startup()-Method shall be used to add our menu to the application main menu bar.

      The reading and parsing shall be invoced by selecting the respective sub-menu-entry.

      We need help to get the StartupShutdowService of our plug-in to be excuted by the Plug-in-registering logic at applicatuion startup.

      Wihin the CS2-prorammin-guide.pdf is mentioned, that these services will be executed if the plug-in is registered as kStartupShutdownService.

      We do not know, what 'registered as kStartupShutdownService' is meaning in terms of coding.

      At the Adobe forum we have found an answer from miGZy concernig the issue of staring the nemed service.

      We have followed these recommendations but the service is still not executed.

      We urgently need help/information how to get the StartupShutdownService executed at plug-in-registration