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    Animate CC HTML5 canvas in Internet Explorer has no audio

    markb58573280 Level 1

      Another strange issue I've run into.


      I've made a simple slideshow with accompanying audio (in mp3 format).  It works fine in all browsers on both Mac and PC except Internet Explorer. IE11 has 2 issues that might be related:


      1) It loads instantaneously, as in I see the first slide right away.  All the other browsers it goes through the loading process and I see the loading gif animation I included.


      2) IE won't play the sound, it plays the slides and animation just fine, but there is no audio. Again, all other browsers it plays sound just fine.


      To solve the second issue, I searched the googles and went through all the various suggested solutions for fixing sound in IE (re-installing flash, resetting flash, installing java, checking this setting and that setting). Nothing seemed to work until I finally found the setting to "reset IE settings" in the Internet Options Advanced menu.  That seemed to fix it. Audio now played for my presentation.


      As a bonus it also seemed to fix the first issue as well, it was now taking a bit to load and was showing the loading animation.


      So now you're probably asking yourself, OK you fixed it, why am I reading this.  Well, here's the thing. I tried it on several of my colleague's computers and they all had the same issue. I can't tell my clients "OK for this to work you have to reset your IE," that looks bad.  My theory is that IE is by default loading the images which are small first and showing them without the full presentation being fully loaded.  So is there something I can do to the Animate html or .js to force IE to do a full load?


      Thank you!