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    Additions to Local Storage Still Result in Prompt

    JuliusPIV Level 1

      Although I've manually added sites to the 'Local Storage Settings by Site' dialogue under the 'Flash Player Settings Manager', I continue to receive the 'Adobe Flash Player Settings: Local Storage' prompt asking me to allow or deny those sites to store information on the computer.

      I've seen the resources below but I'm not seeing where they either (a) specifically speak to this problem or (b) detail how to deal with this an enterprise environment (e.g.: programmatically pre-populated).


      Constructive guidance is greatly appreciated.




      http://wwwimages.adobe.com/www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/devnet/flashplayer/pdfs/flas h_player_22_0_admin_guide.pdf

      Flash Player Local Settings Manager * Local storage settings by site...

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          Kratika Agarwal Adobe Employee



          Please try below step:

          Go to control Panel, choose flash player settings manager, choose option "Allow sites to save information on this computer".



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            JuliusPIV Level 1

            Thanks for taking the time to reply Kratika Agarwal; I do appreciate your willingness to help.


            It seems there may be a misunderstanding here so I'm going to step through the process so you can better understand what I'm experiencing in effort to minimize any confusion about what my experience is and what my objective is.


            1. I go to the Control Panel and launch the 'Flash Player' applet where I can see the 'Allow sites to save information on this computer' is already selected; presumably this is enabled by default?
            2. I open Internet Explorer 11 (on Windows 7) and visit a particular website where I am prompted to store the details.
              This is the prompt I want to avoid; specifically on 'approved' websites.

            3. I click 'Allow' and I can do what I need to do on the site so I close Internet Explorer.
            4. I go back to the Control Panel and launch the 'Flash Player' applet, 'Allow sites to save information on this computer' is still selected, so I click the 'Local Storage Settings by Site' button where I can see the site is listed in there with a 'Storage Access' of 'Allow'

            5. I then remove the site from that list and click the 'Delete All' button for good measure,
            6. I close 'Flash Player Settings Manager' and reopen to confirm the 'Local Storage Settings by Site' list is still empty; and it is.
            7. I manually add the website in question exactly as it was listed as before
            8. I close out of the 'Flash Player Settings Manager' and go back into it to confirm the setting is there; and it is
            9. I open Internet Explorer and go back to the website, and yet I'm still prompted.
              Again, I want to avoid this prompt altogether; especially for 'approved' websites.

            The objective is to secure Flash in a meaningful way

            • By setting the storage setting to prompt the user
            • By pre-populating the Local Storage list with websites approved to save data so that when the user visits the website they're not prompted.

            At this point Flash prompts the user even though (a) Flash is set to allow sites to save information and (b) the website is already in the list with the storage access set to allow.


            Does this help?


            Thanks again!

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              Kratika Agarwal Adobe Employee



              What is the Flash player version are you using? Please use latest FP

              Flash Player Help

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                JuliusPIV Level 1

                Hi there again Kratika Agarwal!


                Hate to answer a question with another question but:

                • Is this behavior normal?
                • Can you reproduce this problem?  Either way, what version of Flash Player are you using?
                • Are you suggesting this problem is unique to specific versions of Flash Player?


                For what its worth, this problem has existed in versions,, and and continues to exist in version, which is what I'm currently using.

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                  JuliusPIV Level 1

                  Hey there Kratika Agarwal - or anyone really.

                  Its been a few weeks and I haven't seen an update so I'm just checking to see where we are on this.


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                    Carm01 Level 4

                    I think I know what you want to do.

                    I had an issue where every so often I would go to this flash site and it used flash as the login so it would remember my username at least, then every so often would forget it. I found this annoying.


                    So i found out where the setting were Flash player stored that information and first set up the way i needed it per site, then captured that data, then I made an application that would run on demand replacing those settings.


                    Is this something along the lines of what you are try to accomplish?


                    Best Regards

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                      JuliusPIV Level 1

                      Hey Carm01 - thanks for chiming in!


                      It would seem that the 'sprit' of what I'm trying to do is similar to your scenario so yes, you're on the right path.  I'm actually interested in understanding what you did to capture those details as a few of our sites also use a flash-based login process and being able to 'roam' that would be handy.  Did you fire up procmon, perform the action then and combing through the registry and file write operations?


                      I'm specifically trying to avoid that 'Local Storage' prompt for the various sites that we know throw the prompt.  If I'm understanding & interpreting things correctly, it would seem that Adobe has added a mechanism for that via the 'Flash Player' applet in the Control Panel, and also potentially via the mms.cfg file.  However, despite what I'm doing in the applet, and whether or not I make any adjustments to the mms.cfg file, the ability to eliminate/suppress that prompt is not working.


                      I'm completely open to the possibility that I'm misunderstanding/misinterpreting/doing something wrong/missing a step/not doing something in a proper order - and so on.  And if that is indeed the case, I want to know!    But if I'm doing things by the book and it should work, I need to narrow the troubleshooting scope: is it a site specific issue (e.g.: something unique to our environment) or a bug that's persisted potentially since Flash 18.x.  But since Kratika Agarwal - or anyone else at Adobe for that matter - has yet to answer the questions above, I'm sort of left in the dark on this.


                      I'm definitely all ears to how you solved your problem as that may give me the bits I need to work through this one.

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                        Carm01 Level 4

                        What web browser is this you will be using pleas?. You need to get the flash cookies is how I did it.


                        It appears that Internet Explorer and Firefox put them in the same place, and Chrome puts a different one, While EDGE places them inside yet another folder.


                        The trick to all this is the random folder name that Flash creates, which I no nothing about, I just know how to detect it, and place the Flash cookies in there, that it.


                        This is done on a per user basis so it makes it tricky, and can be done with a start up script per user, however determining the browser will one important thing.


                        So here is the skinny on where these things live at:

                        Firefox and IE:

                        C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\some_random folder



                        C:\Users\$username%\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\some_random folder\#AppContainer



                        C:\Users\&username%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects\some_random folder


                        The problem is that you cannot just create some random folder name you have to wait for Flash to do it for you, then deploy your setting/flash cookies on a per user basis. Not the easiest thing to do in bat files or vbs. i use AutoIT as it makes all of this the actual code to accomplish this as about 23 lines without headers, etc...


                        For me that was easy to wait til the folder is created, then push the cookies that I captured to that location. The script does it all

                        I captured the cookies in a rar package then embedded them in the exe so they will never change.


                        That is what I did to suit my needs. The question is, IF you set this up for you capture the flash cookies, then  close your browser, delete the cookies, then relaunch the browser, and replace the cookies you captured, then go back to the site to test and see if it worked.


                        Best Regards

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