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    Advice needed for wedding photograper client gallery

    sheff_joy Level 1

      I have found a free app in the adobe add-on list called Picture-present which looks great for what I want to do - create individual online galleries of images with password access and purchase options.


      However after downloading and installing it I have found the website to be Dutch and no option for English usage.

      It is a Lightroom CC app which you can export your images from LR to create a photogallery where your clients can view their wedding images and have the option to purchase prints from.   It is accessed by sending an email link which the app creates.


      Are there any wedding photographers who know of something similar in UK (or at least in english language) - which is preferably free to use?


      I have in the past used Photobox Pro-Gallery but this is about to be taken over by zenfolio who make a hefty charge for this service.


      Any advice for a CC novice would be gratefully received!




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