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    Demo mode recording problems

      I'm using an older version (Captivate 2)and while recording in Demonstration mode with the default recording options, it will skip screens completely while recording the full audio, for example in a 5 screen sequence, it will record the first screen only. I am using IE 7 to record training for a web application. Other tests, switched to Firefox, and it recorded all screens in the sequence, but would only play back the first screen of a series of 7. All I'm doing is mouse movement on the screens and clicking from one screen to the next. This has also worked fine in the past. I've tried going slow one screen to the next, recording with and without a template, tried adding screens to an existing cp that worked correctly, etc.


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          Scout's mom Level 2
          You might try capturing manually: press Print Screen, record the audio for that slide, press Print Screen and record the audio for the next slide, and so on.

          P.S. I have trouble walking and chewing gum, so I always record/edit/process my audio outside Captivate (I use Sound Forge and GoldWave) and them import the audio to each slide.