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    FM Core, font compatibility issues

    rosegita Level 1

      I am having problems with my font library program, Suitcase Fusion 3. I am working with Adobe CS4, and my operating system is Mac OS X, Version 10.6.8. Not a lot seems to be working effectively since I upgraded from Suitcase 8 to the Fusion 3, but it could also be a coincidence. I work mostly in INDesign and Photoshop.


      I'm not sure if I just need to upgrade to the Adobe Suite 5.5 or 6, and the operating system to Yosemite or if perhaps I just need to reinstall my Fusion 3. Perhaps the installation corrupted my fonts? or maybe i need to reinstall my fonts.


      perhaps there are 2 problems occurring.What happens is, I often get a window that says my FM Core is Incompatible, which might be indicative of a program or OS being too old?


      When I open an OLD InDesign document, a window appears indicating that one or more fonts are not currently available on my system and substitute fonts with replace the originals. When I open a new document, either none of the fonts show up or all 5000 fonts show up.


      If I try to open a NEW InDesign document, all the fonts appear, all 5700 of them.


      When I try to open photoshop a window pops open that says that the request could not be completed. If I open it successfully by opening up a jpeg, it wont close unless I force quit the program. It says there is a program error.


      If I try to open up Suitcase Fusion 3, not one font shows up in the library.

      Nor sure what's going on.

      Any ideas or suggestions?

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          MiguelSousa Adobe Employee

          This is a question for the InDesign forum. I'll move it there.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            This is not an InDesign issue and you’re using some very old software. You can check with Extensis but I doubt you’ll get much in the way of support.

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              rosegita Level 1

              I'm actually using fusion 6, my mistake, so I think its a compatibility issue with my programs being too old.  I think I need to update my programs and operating system to Yosemite and CS 5.5 or 6, and i hope to get better results.I'm trying to avoid the cc cloud and pay Adobe monthly.

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                Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                The CS5.5 software is no longer being licensed. Although you can still get a perpetual license for the CS6 software (you need to call Adobe), we would strongly discourage that approach. The CS6 software is now at least four versions back from the current software versions. The CS6 version of InDesign is not officially supported by MacOS 10.11 (the current version). Note that Apple does not guarantee application compatibility when upgraded OS versions, a break from industry practice for many years. But even if you could coerce the CS6 version of InDesign to install and work under MacOS 10.11, you would still find issues associated with lack of support for newer hardware such as HiDPI monitors (i.e., the so-called “retina” displays).


                          - Dov