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    CC2015 update changed default location - AGAIN!!!!!


      Yesterday i did the update on my CC2015 and i just realised that the update changed my default location again!!!!

      I use 2 SSD drives on my PC and as space is running low i use the D drive for my adobe stuff and now everything has been installed on the C drive, meaning none of my apps have the plugins installed anymore, plus i'm running now pretty low on disk space on my C Drive


      Adobe: This is the 2nd time this happens to me, as last year the same sh.. appeared after an update. Don't you learn from your mistakes or are you just not care about the ones who actually pay you?????


      I'm really upside here as this most likely will end again in a wasted day of work because your programmers can't get it right!!!! Because now i have to uninstall everything and install again, including all plugins and so on


      So, please start using the brain before releasing  updates who screw up your clients


      thank you