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    Does phonegap online builder cache?


      I've been making updates to my app and I removed some javascript files and re-uploaded the zip file of the www folder back up to phonegap builder. For whatever reason, it's still referencing and showing the javascript files and giving me errors based on that. How can I force the online phonegap builder to remove the cached files?? It's driving me crazy because I can't get the app to work properly.

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          jlzaroo Level 1

          I think I found the issue after 2 weeks of pulling out my hair. For anyone experiencing this issue, hopefully this will save you the aggravation and time. In using phonegap builder, I've also enabled hydration which allows the app to pull in updates and 'self-update' without having to reinstall the apk or ipa file. I completely removed the app and reinstalled it manually without relying on hydration and it resolved all the issues. I think there is an issue with hydration in correctly updating the files and making changes to the actual files and it was causing unnecessary problems.