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    Last second of audio skips and repeats after 2015.3 upgrade

    HippieBoy Chris Level 1

      The Issue:

      Hello everyone. I just upgraded to 2015.3 and have noticed a problem since. When I render a file (File > Export > "Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue") the last second or two of the audio track bounces back and repeats. It's a workflow I've used for several years without a problem until today.



      I've triple-checked the Audition file and resulting .WAV to ensure the issue wasn't there. I've run the audio by itself through AME and it's fine. I've dropped videos I've done with slightly different settings directly into AME and it exports fine. But when I export from AE through AME - no matter what presets I use in AME - the audio bobbles at the end.


      As an experiment I made a twenty second long comp with a ten second long audio track. When I rendered the comp the result was interesting - though the audio file was only ten seconds long, the last second of the audio track repeated endlessly through the entire twenty seconds.


      I deleted all my _AME folders, restarted my Mac, created a new AE comp from scratch, dropped audio it, and upon render had the same issue. (I was kinda hoping it would be a memory issue.)


      The issue seems to exist only in the link between AE and AME, but for the life of me I can't seem to find a setting to shake the bug out...


      Technical Info:

      27-inch Mid 2011 iMac, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 16GB RAM, OS X El Capitan v 10.11.5. I'm using release 2015.3 of Creative Cloud, downloaded and installed last night.


      AE Comp Settings (these cannot be changed as the company I work for has very strict guidelines): 1920x858, Square Pixels, 24 fps, full resolution, comps are all twenty seconds long.


      AME Settings (again, these cannot be changed per company requirements): H.264, export both audio and video, 1920x858 (1.0) 24 fps, Progressive VBR, 2 pass, Target 20.00 Mbps, Max 22.00 Mbps, AAC, 256 kps, 48 kHz, Stereo. The only "Effect" we use is vital - "Loudness Normalization" using standard ATSC A/85 (-24 LUFS).


      Any help would be appreciated - my workload is very heavy and deadlines are tight. I have a good number of files that need rendered in the next few days...