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    Importing a new character

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      oksamurai Hi. I'm trying to import a new character into adobe character animator. He was made in photoshop and broken up into simple layers (Head, Left Arm, Right Arm etc..) However the layers are a little different from the way your tutorial has the layers named. Does that matter or could it be that I'm doing something wrong? The character isn't reacting to any of my movements in the webcam.

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          Yes - in order for the webcam to understand what to control, you have to name or tag layers a certain way. So to move something with your left pupil or right eyebrow or whatever, Character Animator has to know what layers you want to control with each.


          Not sure which tutorial you were watching, but check out 4:10 in the newest one (below) to get a brief overview of tags. You can either a) name a group or layer the same name as one of the canonical tags to auto-tag it (like name a group "Head" in PS/AI to auto-tag it as something that will move when you move your head), or b) tag the group or layer inside the puppet panel in CH (select the group you want to be your head and tag it as "Head").