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    Newbie needs help.


      Just downloaded After Effects and I noticed a problem. After figuring out how to play the video, the video's colours would glitch out and slow down. Why does it slow down the video? Shouldn't it just playback normally?


      Another question: How do you use greenscreen clips?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, let me be straight up: It would be a good idea for you to actually read the help. You have a completely wrong understanding about how AE works and what it does. Even basic screen work is explained in a help chapter....



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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Blitzshake481 wrote:


            Shouldn't it just playback normally?


            After Effects is not a video editing program. It does not work like a video editing program. If you want to do what you're talking about, use Premiere Pro. (Premiere Pro also has some very good green screen keying tools in it.)


            If you want to use After Effects to do more involved compositing work than you can do in Premiere Pro, you should still edit in Premiere Pro first and then bring your edit into After Effects. This tutorial covers doing that. And this page covers how to key out a green screen in After Effects.


            But, since you're new to AE, you should really start here.