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    Can PhoneGap Apps Work With Bluetooth Devices?




      We are considering switching to a cross platform apps development approach (currently we develop separately for iOS and Droid) and I'm doing some initial research to short list possible platforms to use.


      Our apps talk to a range of Bluetooth enabled medical devices (e.g. Blood Pressure Meters, FitBit type wristbands etc) to extract patient health readings.


      I was wondering whether the Bluetooth module of PhoneGap would allow us to do this?

      Different devices have different methods of extracting the data once connected.  Sometimes we have access to straightforward PULL API methods, on other devices we have to delve into the file storage on the device to find and extract the information we're looking for.


      I appreciate this is still kind of vague, but does anyone have any experience extracting data from Bluetooth devices in this way using PhoneGap?




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