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    Custom font becomes bold in Edge Animate




      I just recently started using Edge Animate CC 2015 to create HTML5 banners for a customer. They have their own font, and I have followed tutorials how to add the font in Edge Animate. I have been able to do that, but for some reason the font automatically becomes a bold version of the font. When I use the same one in for example Photoshop, the font is thin as it is "supposed" to be.
      The option "font weight" gives me options from 100 to 900 of thin to thick, but irregardless of which option i choose, the font remains the same bold.


      I added the custom font by creating a CSS-document with the following code:






      and then adding it in Edge Animate with this code:
      "<link rel="stylesheet"href="mystyle.css"type="text/css" media="screen" title="" charset="utf-8"/>"


      I'm new to CSS and Edge Animate, but is there some sort of CSS code I need to add in order to fix this?