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    Change every other Table row/column & style the table accordingly


      Good evening,


      I am in some need to shorten the time I make my tables. I have put forward the design style to the company I'm working for of the image below.I'll be referencing the table for this example, and I really like the look of the design. Its clean, can be easy to read, and the tables fit various designs quite well. However it takes forever to get all the design aspects repeating and correct. please see below for a reference.




      I am hoping to do the following:

      • Size each row and column at a size between 10mm atleast and make the cell coloured (the information)
      • Size the other rows and columns at 3mm exactly with no line or shading to represent a space between each cell, then keep this repeating to keep the table consistent to the theme (the spaces between each cell)(if I'm hard to follow please look at the diagram for reference)


      If there is a way that makes this doable, I am also wanting to push the design theme further by placing paragraph styles in each cell. Again I would love to separate them per cell if possible.


      Is this something Indesign can achieve or should I bite the bullet and design each cell over and over and over.