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    Fragments when using the adjustment brush - making background white.


      I want my products on a white background.  I go over appropriate area with  Adjustment Brush then I crank up the white, contrast & exposure.  90% of the time WOW!  It works amazing!  Even when I am very careful, I try to approach using the brush like a painter.  It seems sometimes I am left with "fragments" .  Is this because I am "sloppy" , due to poor lighting or something else?  Is there a term for these "fragments"?  They appear to be sun spots.  If it is just me being sloppy, it is a quick fix.  The picture here is worst case example.  I just quickly drew a line to show "you".  This still happens when I approach it with a DR like steady hand  & auto masking on (Though never this bad).  Am I the cause or lighting prior to / during photo.  I just made this example up.  I wish I could find an actual one. Possibly you can help with this?  If I go over the "fragments" with the tool, it fixes it.  I was just curious about the cause.