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    aftereffects crash when clicked onto eyedropper

    Hilary from Future

      Screenshot 2016-06-23 23.26.49.png

      Hello world,

      I am trying to learn by following step by step of some youtube tutorial.

      My aftereffects crashed everytime I click onto the eyedropper.

      I was following the procedure to change the color of solid to the same color of the text.

      I clicked onto the eyedropper, and a crash log prompt saying the project is saved into my directory.

      Then my program crashed.

      Does the same thing happen to anyone else?

      How can I choose the same color if I can't use the eyedropper then?

      Screenshot 2016-06-23 23.37.05.png

      That brings another question, is aftereffects as unstable as flash? In terms of program crash.