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    Cambodia and creative cloud


      Hi all, I have seen many having the same problem, all with out any real solution. I have been in contact with support and told that it is not possible to use creative cloud in Cambodia.


      I have some questions to get answered since I am a photographer, I do want to do the right thing and own lightroom and photoshop CC creative cloud.


      1. First of all, why is it that Cambodia have been excluded from creative cloud, and why do Adobe think that people and companies do not have the need to use the softwar they have?


      2. Is there any way around, say I use my Swedish adress, Swedish visaCard and buy on line and register the downloaded creative cloud here in Cambodia, I am not about taking a trip to sweden just to get hold on 1 licens so that I always can stay uppdatet with the latest programs.


      3. What does Adobe expect from Cambodian people, when they do not want to sell the products here, they can go to buy a copy in the street for 2 dollar, but I belive many business, and ngos, photographers and so on would love to be able to use the real thing.




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          KanikaS Adobe Employee

          Hi CamEditing,


          Sorry for the inconvenience !


          We’re working to make Creative Cloud as widely available as possible and will share more details about country availability over time. While individual memberships may not be available in your country, you may be able to purchase a team membership through a global Adobe reseller.


          The Country of the Adobe ID, payment details & store has to be same.

          Due to tax reasons, it's not possible to change the country associated with an existing Adobe ID. As a workaround, you can create a new Adobe ID with the email address that is associated with your current Adobe ID.  See link for instructions:

          Change the country associated with your Adobe ID


          For more details, you may also get in touch with Adobe support ::

          Contact Customer Care

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            sl42721603 Level 1

            Hi Bynkin,


            Adobe doesn't care about it's customers. They don't care about your problems. Only the investors matter to them.

            Try some open source alternatives like RawTherapee or darktable .


            Adobe is fat, lazy and stupid.

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              sl42721603 Level 1

              kanikas100 wrote:

              Due to tax reasons, it's not possible to change the country associated with an existing Adobe ID. As a workaround, you

              Due to tax reasons Kanikas?  Really? Are you trying to blame this on the government of foreign countries?  Are you implying that because when he purchased it in Sweden and paid taxes in Sweden that he can't use the software that he already paid for in Cambodia because he didn't pay taxes there on it?


              See Bynkan,  they think we're stupid.  These are lies and adobe is full of them.  This is just their excuse for gouging their customers in any way they can.

              http://petapixel.com/2013/03/25/adobe-offers-justification-for-higher-prices-to-australian -parliamentary-committee/

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                CamEditing Level 1

                So what would it take to get the creative cloud to Cambodia, what is the main problem?


                Team membership, is more expencive, and as I understand you cant use the cloud service to get the latest updates coninually as you get if you have the CC and creative cloud. Some of the things we would like access to is the latest updates at all time so we can work in same level as our competition in surounding countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.


                I must say I am a bit confused here about the whole id, why would it not be possible for Adobe to set up the kingdom of Cambodia and alow them to use the system you got, it cant be that hard. Is it lack of partner in Cambodia?

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                  ONGAVEC Level 1

                  We just contact Adobe for the same problem, we are a NGO in Battambang (humanitarian) and Adobe just give me a Scottish phone number   +44 203 0277 764. We are in 2017 and no solution available for use adobe products in Cambodia. No special price for the humanitarian either,......   regards