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    Possible to Search Multiple InDesign Documents for Duplicated Numbers?

    kmc27 Level 1



      I am using InDesign CS 4 on the Macintosh platform. Each of my projects consist of multiple InDesign documents saved to a single folder per project.  Each InDesign document contains multiple text frames with product descriptions, with each description containing a six or seven digit ID number. Within the group of InDesign documents stored in a folder, the ID numbers in the product descriptions on those pages should be unique to each product description, and not be repeated on any of the other product descriptions on the InDesign documents in that folder.


      Is there a way to select a folder, then search all of the text in the the InDesign documents in that folder to identify any numbers that are used more than once in the InDesign documents, and also list which documents contain those duplicated numbers?


      Thanks in advance for any ideas on this.