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    License question


      Hi there,


      I am sure this has been asked before, but I find the licensing description a bit confusing.


      First it says:

      An Adobe Stock license allows you to use your asset anywhere in the world, and the license never expires. You may use the asset in print, presentations, websites, and even on social media sites.

      But then:

      However, you may not distribute the digital asset by posting it online or in any other way that would let other people use the asset without licensing it themselves.


      I want to use the pictures on my Facebook page to promote my business. Is this allowed or do I have to add some sort of comment stating that people cannot use these pictures? Is it up to me to control that people do not reuse these pictures?

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          kanikas17063107 Adobe Employee

          HI Ishmeister ,



          Kindly go through the legal terms of use mentioned in the link below ::

          http://wwwimages.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/legal/servicetou/Adobe-Stock-Additional-Ter ms_20160119.pdf


          Hope this answers your query !!!

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            Ishmeister Level 1

            Hi Kanikas,


            I still do not understand if I can post it online on my social media profile since people can easily download it from there. Also, paragraph 3C says I cannot modify the pictures. Does this mean I am not allowed to use a picture and add a logo to it?

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              MatHayward Adobe Employee

              Hi Nathanel,


              You can use images you have purchased a license for in social media sites as long as the site doesn't claim ownership of all content posted.


              You need to reduce the size of the file to 1000 pixels on the long side (or smaller) and you must add the copyright information directly onto the image itself in visible location at a legible font size. Copyright info is "© Artist Name - stock.adobe.com"


              Kind regards,


              Mat Hayward

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                Ishmeister Level 1

                Hi Mat,


                So just to clarify:

                1. I can post images on Facebook as long as I do not claim ownership of the content?

                2. Each picture can maximum have a 1000 pixels on the long side or smaller?

                3. Does EACH picture on my Facebook page must have the "© Artist Name - stock.adobe.com" attached to it?


                Sorry for the amount of questions but as I am starting a company I want to make sure that everything is done correctly. It would be easiest for me to understand if you answer each question separately. English is not my first language and I apologize for the slowness.

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                  MatHayward Adobe Employee

                  1. Yes

                  2. Yes

                  3. Yes, though not "attached." You need to embed the copyright directly onto the image itself.


                  Kind regards,



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                    Ishmeister Level 1

                    Thank you so much Mat.


                    2 last questions.


                    1. The long side meaning no side can be longer than 1000 pixels or the long side as in the horizontal side?

                    2. Am I allowed to edit the pictures as long as credit is given by adding the copyright sign, artist and adobestock page (as in my previous question)? For instance, adding a company logo to the photo.



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                      Ishmeister Level 1

                      Dear Mat,


                      Is there any way to go around the 1000px limit? Either I have to crop the photo or reduce its size which destroys its quality. Also, I have added a copyright tag to one of the pictures. Would it be possible to send you a copy to see if it is OK?


                      All the best,